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We have been in business since 1991, founded in Los Alamos New Mexico. We had two fronts: 1) we hosted tactical training and wilderness adventures. Self-defense training, firearms, team tactics. We owned and ran a large paintball field and training center where we ran war-game scenarios. 2) We were a retail store that supplied survival gear, tactical gear, backpacking, mountaineering, paintball, and martial arts. Now we focused more on the consulting and training aspect. We host tactical and survival training seminars and workshops all over the west (California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico). At these survival seminars we push students to expand their horizons, build confidence, hone self-defense and weapons skills, and create a warrior within. We also host training and consultation to Law Enforcement agencies on fire arms, weapons retention, weapons disarmament, use of force, and officer survival.

Philosophy & Motivation

We strip away all that is useless, rid ourselves of the show and fluff, and focus on what works for each individual.

When I was in second grade I was given the nickname of “Peace Maker” because I hated seen people picked on or watching people get bullied and beat up. Thus, I would defend the underdogs. I got into a lot of fights defending the less fortunate. Finally one time while I was standing up for a blind boy who was being made-fun-of I got myself beat up pretty bad. So figured that if I was going to defend the weak, I had better know how to fight. That started my Martial Arts training.



This is a class that blends the best of martial arts, hand-to-hand combat, and self-defense into the most effective warrior training available. This is a mixed martial arts system that has been taught to law enforcement and military personnel for over 15 years. This hand-to-hand combat system teaches students how to defend themselves and those around themselves, control violence situations, disarm opponents, retain weapons, utilize weapons of opportunity, and submit and neutralize threats. Students will learn the philosophies of un-armed and armed combat, learn techniques and control, and develop self-confidence. This class covers grappling, punches, kicks, joint locks, submissions, take downs, stick fighting, knife defense, knife fighting, guns, tactics, and special weapons.

Class is currently being help at the Clearfield Aquatic Center located on 825 South State Street. Class hours are from 8:10pm to 10:00pm Tuesdays

Survival Workshops

  • Learn how to survive in the outback, or in the concrete jungle. Everything you need to know from bug-out-bags, how to build shelter, hunt, defend, and keep alive.

Team Tactics

  • If you want to up your airsoft / paintball game, or learn to be a citizen warrior, we have the training for you. Learn to function as an effective team in the most chaotic situations, defend yourself, and take and secure objectives.

Knife fighting

  • Learn the devastating art of the bladed weapon. Most dangerous Close combat weapon. We cover knife fighting, knife defense, long blade, and sword. We have trained several national knife fighting champions and it has served several law enforcement officers when they were confronted with a knife.


Our Work, Our Pride.

Below is a collection of videos and images that shows you how we practice our discipline and how we it.

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Your Martial Arts Instructors

Stanley Prueitt

Stan is the founder and has been in business since 1991. Stan strips away all that is useless, and focus on what works for each individual.

Dave Black

I've been training with Stan for about 5 years now in Tactical Martial Arts. My favorite part of tactical fighting is the incorporation of Hap-Ki-Do and Tae-kwon-do styles into a blend that flows very effectively.

Frank Dankwa

I have been training with Stan for 4 years and I'm enjoying learning from him. I love the style of Martial Arts we use and it's many applications to real life situations.


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